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AC MIlan Transfer News and Musings

Lots of tidbits coming out of the Holiday Break

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

- Fernando Torres takes a few parting shots as he leaves saying, "he was not important at AC Milan."  The truth is he had some moments but when your Coach doesn't now what he wants to do tactically it makes it hard to have value if you are not scoring.  Simply put Pippo's Coaching is a lot like his career resume, scoring goals.

- In the ongoing quest for Pippo's Goals Milan are in the running for strikers.  The first is Stefano Okaka, the Sampdoria man can't come to an extension with Sampdoria and Milan would be willing to return Giampaolo Pazzini to the Marassi as an exchange.  This is move however is classic Milan...courting a striker who has scored on 1 in 10 of his shots in 16 matches isn't really progress now is it?

- The second striker on the list is Mattia Destro.  The mini Roman wants out and the fee on his head has been placed at 20M.  The problem is Milan doesn't have 20M but they have Stephen El Sharaawy who they value at 15M but is worth closer to 10M.  A 10M plus SES is probably the ticket but I don't think this is the right move in the long run.  Trading a potential bandiera for someone else's youth product is not Milan. Rumor had SES on the way to Dortmund for Ciro Immobile last week, so the silly season is going to get real silly fast.

- Pippo's disdain for Pablo Armero has fallen right into hands of Gian Piero Gasperini.  The Genoa Coach has an affinity for the wingback, which is what Armero really is, and could have home at the Griffone.  In return Milan can get Luca Antonelli who can play LB, LM and LW.  Knowing Pippo he will play him at LW, he does have 3 goals and he can also play RB.