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The Alessio Cerci for Fernando Torres Deal Off and On Again!?

What better way to distract us from the Club's real issues then a middle tier transfer circus!?

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

While Club's like Manchester United are pondering bids for Mats Humels and Gareth Bale AC Milan is wondering if Alessando Cerci is OK with coming to Milan on a free swap deal with Fernando Torres!?  My how the mighty have fallen...

Apart from the fact that this team has bigger problems to contend with then a failed loan move a bit of a transfer circus will in fact take our minds off the real problems.  However, a transfer like this makes you wonder what the heck we are going to do here!?  A team without a real striker is going to jettison one, as bad as he may be he was still a real striker, for another hybrid second striker/winger!?  Not sure what Filippo Inzaghi has in mind, but it is beginning to look more and more like nothing.

Now one could argue that this is Fester and the Berlusconi clan working their "magic" but the reality is this is a stupid move.  Add in the fact that Cerci came out and said he would rather not come to Milan then this whole deal is a bit of a dysfunctional mess.  Welcome to the new AC Milan, where the nonsense off the pitch will always distract you from the nonsense on it.

Depending on where you get your news he will either be ready for the pitch Tuesday or blocking the move as we speak.  If he does come then Pippo can continue to play the dreaded False Nine with Cerci, SES and Menez as the front three. The one positive we may actually get a touch on the right flank with Cerci in action and Abate returning.  Menez actually seems incapable of crossing the center line to the right side of the pitch so at least with Cerci there is a small silver lining. Now if Pippo was smart he would start Cerci/SES/Menez alongside a guy like Jack or Honda in behind a striker but that would require thought and right now Pippo seems less in a thinking mood and more in preservation mood.  Formation stiil sucks, defense still sucks, but hey this team may build a new stadium someday, come on down Cerci and join the circus!