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Boun Natale from the AC Milan Offiside

Hey Avia, those cheerleaders are wearing Red and Black for Milan right!?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This is indeed my seventh Christmas here at the AC Milan Offside, and while it is true Christmas is my least favorite Holiday it doesn't mean we can share a moment of well wishes and reflection.

When you are a child Christmas is special, but in a way it is bittersweet.  It doesn't last forever and while everyone caters to children on this Holiday, soon, like me, you will be thirty and realize this Holiday is no place for old men. Instead as an adult you are responsible for Christmas, the gifts, the coordination of family, and the meal if you are hosting.  It requires a bit more patience and a bit more compassion. You take for granted, as a child, everything that was done for you to make the holiday magical.  Maybe it was an XBOX, new boots, or a bicycle that you remember most.  Maybe it was a lasagna or crown roast, whatever it is someone put themselves into that for you to have a special Holiday.  That is what should really define Christmas, not the presents but the gestures.

As Milan fans we don't have many of those gestures or in fact even presents.  It is has been a long time since we have had the magic of a gift like Zlatan.  Now as I sit here and see my Holiday change and my team change I have to summon a lot more patience.  I thought about putting together a wish list of what this team needs but the list sort of started and ended in a funny spot...

1. Berlusconi must go

So there you have it, even Berlu-clause can't save us now. Enjoy the Holiday and I extend well wishes to both you and your families.  The team will get through this but it won't be quick or easy so in the meantime enjoy another Christmas!