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Matchday XVI Review: Roma 0 Milan 0

Yesterday I did an unfiltered review, it was called harsh. Can't tell if I have gone bitter or if everyone else has gone soft?

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Yesterday I took a cross country red eye and when I landed I wanted nothing more then to grab a nap, a Heineken and watch Milan.  When I finally sat down to enjoy the match I was greeted with the same old lineup looking for a different result.  Then the match started and it seemed what my eyes saw was a bit different then most.  Sure I can be blunt at times, but I didn't realize that we really have evolved into a fan base expecting next to nothing and even a 0-0 draw is something to applaud when the team could have gotten more.  A GK makes a fluke save, grant him MOTM!  A striker loses the ball over and over again, he has heart! A defender gets a silly second yellow, he is trying hard.  This isn't football it's the fourth grade...

Arrigo Sacchi said it best, the game has changed and I could never come back to it.  It seems I understand what he meant.  It used to be that Milan would travel away from home and be expected to turn the screws on defense and force the opponent to play the way Milan wanted.  Instead yesterday we saw a squad hang on for dear life at the mercy of a Roma team who seemed to forget how to pass the ball through the midfield.  Maybe it was Daniele DeRossi hacking over passing but something was off with Roma and instead of capitalizing and asserting themselves on the match Milan "hung in there" and to make matters worse got applauded for it.

If you think yesterday was OK for a team like Milan then it is time to resign ourselves to being a fans of a mid table team. That is mid table team mentality, we have mid table players and a mid table Coach the last thing left to turn was the fans and the circle is complete.  We can expect more and should expect more.  Now when Silvio says we are going to sell SES we can all say it is for the better we need the money and he needs to play for a big Club, not Milan.  We are like a spouse who takes back an unfaithful partner again and again, well that won't be me.  I won't stand for this...

Yesterday's match wasn't Milan, it was a fear and trepidation.  No player had the guys to impact the match, Menez ran scared at defenders.  Montolivo acted as the though the ball was a burden not something he wanted to finesse around the pitch.  In his hey day Inzaghi was utterly fearless, it mattered little the stage or the opponent.  Pippo had brass balls and it's time he puts some of that fire back in this Club because a tactician he is not, but a motivator he can be.