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Roma v Milan: Post Match Unfiltered

I took a red eye and landed this AM, so I am tired and cranky and Milan made it worse...

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

I never do post match rankings, but this game was special in more ways than you know at this time and it pissed me off...

Lopez - Garbage

I mean the leap into no man's land was a joke, had Roma scored he would never see the pitch again in my book.

Armero - Awful

The first yellow, dumb, second, dumber.  He has all kinds of physical skill and not an ounce of mental nous, Taiwo 2.0.

Mexes - Blah

Most notable thing he did was smack Destro and get a yellow card so he misses the next match, just a regular day at the office.

Zapata - Average

Stayed out of his own way.

Bonera - MOTM

Seriously, he was the only person that did anything, period.

Monty - Ghost

Did he play?

NDJ - Subpar

Started well but faded and Roma owned the midfield, Milan lucky they did nothing with it.

Poli - Lost

Channel runs or defensive cover, Pippo has no idea so neither does Poli.

Bonaventura - On an Island

Occasionally he passed to Menez only to watch him lose the ball, did anyone find him?  Nope...

Honda - Time to Find a place on the Bench

No comment

Menez - A Plague

Today's tactics, find Menez, watch him lose the ball or get fouled, rinse and repeat.

Pippo...this is going to be harsh

As a player, he thrived off ball movement and surprise balls in the box that he finished time and time again.  As a Coach he has become one dimensional and insistent on pinning the tail on a Donkey named Menez.  Leo did it with Dinho, Seedorf with Kaka and now it seems Pippo will end up in the same sentence as those Coaches run out of town.  I want to believe in him, i want to support him but he has done nothing to warrant that.  This was bad, today's futile attempt at football made it worse.

Back tomorrow, less cranky, I promise...