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Milan 2 Napoli 0

Seemed Napoli was the better team at times but Milan got the three points they deserved.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Two shots on two goals, that really explains it all.  As I said last week, with a guy like Menez you live and die by him and Filippo Inzaghi is making that clear week in and week out.  The goal, like most of them, was sublime.  The rest of the match was nothing to be proud of.  The real bit of success from Milan today was in the midfield and while Pippo chose once again to go with the 4-3-3 this was a 4-5-1 if I have ever seen it.

Maybe the plugging of the midfield was due more to Napoli but it was crowded in the center of the park and very narrow. It didn't take Napoli long to realize this either and they got wide as early an as often as possible.  In turn they tested Diego Lopez early and he was up to the task, having his best and cleanest game in the Red and Black.  In fact the whole team should take some credit for a clean sheet, they bent but never broke on defense and no matter how Napoli attacked Milan stood tall.

While it doesn't seem Pippo is making any sort of progress, the team looked a bit more organized and willing to work as a unit.  It was early in the second half and Napoli was ripping down the right flank and Honda stuck the tackle.  This is the type of work ethic and effort that needs to happen week in and week out and the results will come.  Deserved or not Milan climbed the table today and it is a welcomed three points against a difficult opponent.  Now in six days it will be Roma and then the Holiday break, can Milan keep the momentum alive?