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Milan 2 Udinese 0

Milan desperately needed the win and they got it, with a little help.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Just to be 100% loud and clear, the penalty was indeed a penalty. Maybe not a red card, but definitely not a penalty.  Before we even go there, Milan scored in the first half, plain and simple.  The only real problem I had with the match as it seems Milan couldn't do what you need to do win a match.  Pass a bit, check.  Defend a bit, check.  Score a bit!? No change in hell...

My first topic of frustration is Jeremy Menez.  The problem with the Frenchman is that he is in fact the part of the problem and at most times the solution.  He can be selfish to a fault and misread the run of play or he can slot home a PK or score a cracker like the second one where be broke Danilo's legs.  The problem is with a player like Menez you live and die by him and while this team continues to evolve, having a single reference point like Menez is not the answer.

Today was also a test of Milan's depth or more simply lack thereof.  With Pablo Armero at left back and Daniele Bonera at right back the team was a bit thin in defense.  It didn't seem to be an issue as for the first time in a long time Milan dominated the midfield.  A surprise start was Cornelius Marco Van Ginkel who for the most part didn't flub it. It was one match and really won't dig much deeper than that on this guy. The real midfield game changer though was Michael Essien who kept things so simple it was nearly effortless. It helped that Udinese despite the man advantage in midfield didn't seem to have any interest in passing through it. The goal was route one football to Antonio Di Natale.

At the end of ninety minutes Milan won the match and while many argue they deserved to win the point is they didn't go out and do it.  The confidence was a huge boost but as a former Coach I know Filippo Inzaghi is thinking the same thing...that wasn't a proper win but it is a start.