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Milan 0 Palermo 2

I praised Inzaghi for consistency in tactics and personnel before the match, then he does this...

Tullio M. Puglia

For some reason unbeknownst to be me Filippo Inzaghi decided to do his best Tinkerman impression and moved a few key cogs in and out of the lineup.  Sure there was a midweek fixture, but it was the first of the season and fatigue should not have been a factor.  Now I am not intimately involved in the Milan training sessions or the physio staff and maybe some guys had knocks but three changes were absolutely detrimental to the result.  Christian Zapata, Diego Lopez, and Jeremy Menez...

You sort of have to feel for Zapata, he had to come in cold and wasn't even given a starting gig.  Yet he was directly responsible for both goals and all in the span of about 5 minutes.  It was the worst five minutes of the season and cost Milan more than three points.  It was a loss of confidence and morale and the team simply couldn't get going from there. The usually cracking attack was disjointed and couldn't even muster five shots on goal, at home!  Inzaghi did try to get a more attack minded midfield in place with Ricardo Saponara in place of a Giacomo Bonaventura who was not even dressed for the match.  He had his moments but the rust was evident and he never really clicked.

In goal was Diego Lopez whose three starts have yielded only one win and more goals conceded then Juventus has all season long.  Not sure why he was returned to the starting lineup but he doesn't bring the steady hand that Abbiati seems to yield.  Oddly enough, for those that slam Sulley Muntari week in and week out, he was also out and it appeared Milan suffered in the midfield unable to cope with the battle and lacking the balance to succeed.

It was a costly three points and while Inzaghi took the blame immediately the players really struggled on this day. Ignazio Abate pointed out the problem of complacency following the match and if that can't be corrected this team will not right the ship.  It's a slow growing process but the positives have become fleeting.