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Derby Della Madonnina Result: Milan 1 Inter 1

Yesterday I posted my ramblings, today we get down into a coherent thought.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

In a sense this result was fitting for both teams.  Neither team talented enough to take the three points, neither team with enough chemistry to overpower their opponent.  Like high school kids fumbling around in the dark on prom night, the teams looked like they were trying to play football but what came out was more of a fumbling around with ball.  Both Roberto Mancini and Filippo Inzaghi thought the 4-3-3 was the best option against each other and for the most part both teams tried to attack, how that that worked was not always in either team's favor.

With Nigel DeJong and Riccardo Montolivo unfit Inzaghi went with Giacomo Bonaventura slightly ahead of Sulley Muntari and Michael Essien.  Muntari decided he was going to play his worst game in the Milan kit against his old Inter team and was nothing short of lucky to stay in the match.  Essien easily put in one of the nicest passes of the match but the trio never seemed to click not even for a minute.  In fact even on the run of the play before the goal it was a confusion that made Essien drift and had he been disposed Milan were in bad shape for a counter.  Thankfully, we got to see one of the most well goals of Milan's season but that is the fine line this Milan toes with every push forward.

Inter on the other hand seemed a bit more balanced and broke only when comfortable.  But like most Mancini teams they struggled to attack weak areas but had the bulk of possession even though they didn't create as many chances.  As the game worn on things continued to open up for Inzaghi while Mancini seemed to get more conservative and reserved.

For those who said leading up to the match that this Derby is not what it once was were seemingly rewarded.  But for a Milanista or Interista the atmosphere at the San Siro made up for the lack of star power on the pitch.  If anything this ninety minutes only reinforced the need for rebuilding on both sides of Milan and while the team's are not what they once were the match was still entertaining.  Milan are left winless in their last five and uneasy in seventh place, what was a good start for Inzaghi's Milan now has everyone asking questions.