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Milan 1 Inter 1: Unfiltered Reaction

I watched this one with my favorite Milanista, my Pops, but even he couldn't will a victory.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Tomorrow I will actually assemble my thoughts but for now my ramblings...

-Watched this one with my Dad, in the same seat I have seen so many victories, but today was not the day.

-Only one person was stupid enough to make Mexes captain, now there are too.  One of those guys was run out of town.

-Diego Lopez found a way to make himself goat and hero in the same match.

-No Nigel DeJong or Riccardo Montolivo and to think we spent two posts discussing who should play, NEITHER.

-Fernando Torres is busting his hump but the guy is just plain old broken.

-There is absolutely NOTHING to like about the this Inter FC team...the jersey sucks, the players are meh...I guess Andrea Ranocchia and Samir Handonovic are OK the rest I can do without.

-Today's 4-2-1-3 was a mess, I am afraid Pippo has lost the plot

-Milan's inability to hold a lead will forever be their undoing, until that is fixed this team can never return to Glory