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Serie A Matchday X: Milan v Palermo

Palermo was never an easy team for Milan to dispatch.

Enrico Locci

I remember a few years back when Antonio Nocerino scored three goals to dispatch Palermo.  Those were the days of Zlatan and matches that you could check the box for a win.  While the critique was Milan struggled against the "big" teams they used to hammer Clubs like Palermo.  This Milan makes things a little more exciting...

The last match was an interesting one, a bit of a turning point for Filippo Inzaghi but a down turn for the players.  Inzaghi made the correct tactical adjustment from the Fiorentina match, Torres in, and one could argue the tactics were right the execution was wrong.  Execution plagued this team under Max Allegri and now it has begun to rear its ugly head with Inzaghi as well.  Under Seedorf it was different, a silly formation, horrendous tactics, one would argue even World Class Players would have struggled in the fumbling formation of Clarence.  That is all in the past, now the team needs to focus on their execution as it will make the difference.

Some matches the team appears confident, buoyant and intense. While in others it is almost like they are going through the motions.  Truth be told finding that intensity is one of the Coach's hardest tasks and arguably one of the most impossible.  That level of intensity is something that is inherent to some players while others are happy to collect a pay check and go through the motions.  At times the job of a Coach is not to fuel the intensity but to spot it and play it! Like Iganzio Abate this season, but few others have his passion in the last few matches.

With the Serie A league table as congested as it is the team needs to step up and start to create some separation.  The team is not yet to far gone and while the last two matches have to many dropped points the next months get harder before they get easier.  It is time the team steps it up!

My lineup:

Abbiati; Abate, Zapata, Rami, DeSciglio; Poli, NDJ, Bonaventura; SES, Torres, Honda

Cristian Abbiati has earned his place not only between the sticks but as Captain.  The center back is still perplexing and I have to wonder at what point Pippo just plugs in Albertazzi with Alex and let it ride!?  In midfield due to Palermo's difficulty to do much of anything I would say Giacomo Bonaventura earns himself a start and can help get forward and Milan can attack early and often.