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Derby Della Madonnina: Milan v Inter

New coaches on both sides!?

Marco Luzzani

The news of the Walter Mazzari sacking comes as no real surprise.  Always appearing like a fish out of the water the former Napoli man never seemed to find a comfort zone on the wrong side of the San Siro.  He will find a place but the bigger news is Inter's decision to take a step back instead of forward with the return of Roberto Mancini! Everyone's favorite nearly man he couldn't get the big Trophy at Inter or Manchester City and now returns to one of the worst situations in which he has ever had to Coach in.

As bad as Milan can be in terms of inconsistency, Inter has conceded fewer, scored fewer and sits only one point behind AC Milan.  The difference is the oddly frustrating path the team has taken to get their current position.  At this point it is hard to gauge what Mancini will bring to the table to a team much in the state as AC Milan.  A few good players, but mostly compromised of overpaid one trick ponies!  It will be interesting to see what Mancini brings to the table and how he reshapes the team but the growing pains should give Inzaghi something to work with, if he sets his team up right!

We have talked about Inzaghi's relative "green" Coaching methods, but regardless of his experience there is unanimous agreement that the False Nine featuring Jeremy Menez absolutely has to go. While Fernando Torres hasn't been on scoring form he has worked for the team and helped them earn points with his work rate.  As the Derby gets closer we can see where what the status of the players will be and understand what Inzaghi will do in his first Derby in the Coach's box!

On Sunday the 23rd these two Coahes while "new" in their roles will bring a tremendous amount of Derby experience both on and off the pitch and while their teams struggles to find their identity there won't be a struggle to find the desire to win Sunday!