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Fall 2014 International Break

This International has sadly taught us what we already know so far...

Claudio Villa

We know the 2014-2015 vintage of AC Milan is not very good, but when International break comes and you look at all the starting lineups and you don't see any Rossoneri it reinforces how bad this team really is.

I watched Colombia versus the United States at Craven Cottage for a bit on Friday.  It was interesting to see Pablo Armero get the starting nod but Cristian Zapata was left on the bench.  When you watched Armero you can understand why he doesn't play very often under Filippo Inzaghi but you can argue that he would make a worthwhile cover on either side for Ignazio Abate and Mattia DeSciglio.  He did lack discipline on the defensive side of the ball but has the pace to at least get forward and push the issue.

The Italy setup under Antonio Conto is another story.  DeSciglio got the starting nod and El Sharaawy joined in early in the first half while former Milan man Mario Balotelli didn't even dress for the match.  Times have surely changed under Conte but the the team is not progressing and before the match was suspended due to flares from Croatia fans, Italy was on the back foot at home and didn't look capable of any run of cohesive play after the Candreva goal. Dominated in almost every facet of the game the only glimmer came immediately when the match restarted.  The issue with Milan's lack of stars goes beyond the Club level but is evident for the Italian National Team as well.

At the end of this International break the AC Milan player's lack of International CAPS only reinforces the position the team is in and while frankly it doesn't matter all that much if some of the fringe players and starters step it up for Milan they will be recognized for their country as well.