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AC Milan News and Notes During International Break

Coming of four matches with no wins this International Break is a welcome one to the team back in order.

Marco Luzzani

For the most part International break's tend to rob the team of momentum and chemistry.  Occasionally they can also rob the team of personnel due to injuries, more on that later.  For once; however, this International break comes at the right time to give Milan a break for Filippo Inazaghi to go back to the drawing board...

- On the injury front it looks like Nigel De Jong came up with a hamstring injury and has returned to Milanello.  While the Derby is still more than a week away but hamstring injuries can be come long term problems quickly if rushed.  This is not good news, and while Milan have a few players who can deputize in that role, none of them are as adept as NDJ.

- Kiesuke Honda's Japanese National Team has yet to establish fixtures and you have to argue that a rest for the Milan man is in order.  After a torrid start he has cooled off to near nonexistent levels and while he has been busting his hump on the wing the team has struggled without his goals.

- Speaking of Honda on the wing, I think it is time that Inzaghi considers a formation change to the 4-3-1-2.  it will put Honda in a more natural and dangerous position and it will pressure opposing CBs making the strikers more dangerous and closer to goal score.  I will shed some more light on this Thursday in a tactics piece but something has to change.

- If the move above happens then putting Giampaolo Pazzini on the transfer block is the absolute wrong answer!  Not sure what Pippo is thinking here as he is the most capable of finding that goal in the dying minutes.  Alleviating ourselves of Pazzini is the absolute wrong answer.

-Another player you can't be rid of is Pablo Armero, and while he hasn't impressive and I never found him to be a great defender he is all the squad has in terms of depth on the flank outside of Danele Bonera and that should be all I have to say on the topic.