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Maldini Monday: Paolo Maldini Named to Azzurri Hall of Fame

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Last week Paolo Maldini was named to the Azzuri hall of fame, but here we had a Hall of Fame every Monday! A guest appearance for Maldini Monday...

There really isn't much to say about Paolo Maldini that hasn't already been said other then I miss him.  While his relationship with AC Milan is not at a state that any tifosi should be proud of the Legendary status doesn't change.  He was the rock on which my AC Milan fandom was built on and nearly five years since he has retired I still don't feel the same about footballers in general. Your hero is someone you create as a child, when you need someone to look up to,  someone to drive you to train harder, and work harder.  Your parents will always be your support structure but your heroes whoever they are, they are your driver YOUR role model.  To have someone like Maldini was special not just for me but all the kids who 25 years ago decided that this defender would be the reason they love football, defending, and AC Milan.  There will never be another like Maldini...

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