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Milan 2 Chievo 0

A more proper formation see's Milan return to the win column.

Maurizio Lagana

My wife and mother have a Birthday within two days of each other.  So this year my Dad and I decided to take them to the mountains of Vermont to see some foliage.  Sure we did some hiking, eating and drinking too and while we spent some time around the iPad at a winery on Saturday at 245PM, we did right by the ladies' in our lives!  Happy Birthday to them and we can celebrate Milan's return to winning as well.

Filippo Inzaghi went back to the 4-3-3, one could say simply because it works, but there is only so much tinkering that can and should be tolerated.  The problem has been one of midfield balance, but against a team like Chievo it was a really a matter of keeping the ball and dictating the play and keep Chievo in their own half.  Milan succeeded, and the inclusion of Giacomo Bonaventura in the midfield meant that as Milan took the game to Chievo he went forward into the attack.  This is fine for this match, but this is the type of "wandering" that causes Milan significant problems.

Sulley Muntari opened the scoring and while Milan had a handful of chances (20 shots total) it was Keisuke Honda who scored the second and only other goal.  The team attacked well, with Jeremy Menez through the middle, and while the passing especially from the French man was still a problem the opportunities were there.  Fernando Torres was not as fortunate and while he was able to come centrally while he drifted out to the left it was not as successful.  Milan did get forward on the wings and Abate and DeSciglio continue to impress on the flanks.  I said very plainly this was the fullback combination of the future both for Milan and Italy and with only one game a week they can hone their skills week in and week out barring they stay healthy.

Milan earned a win, and opportunity to relax a bit prior to the International break.  It was the sort of the game Milan should win and while it won't tell you the whole story of how good the team is performing.  It does feel good to get a win!