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Tactics Tuesday - Attack Not Working

The Coach in me always asks that question...

Deep Thought
Deep Thought
Marco Luzzani

When I watch game like Sunday's I immediately ask and wonder what happened?  How can a game that starts so brightly leave with a single point?  As a Coach you ask and ponder, could I have made a sub sooner, maybe a different tactic or player?  The problem is this second guessing never changes the result...

For me the turning point was the start of the second half, Milan came out of the gate listless and after a few disjointed attacks with Menez in the false nine I had seen enough.  The problem was the damage was done and how the dangerous Josep Ilicic could be given so much room is beyond me.  Alex simply looked to slow and Cristian Zapata was nowhere in the vicinity and like any good midfielder the Fiorentina man did what any good footballer does, he preyed on the space between the fullback and centerback and the result was clear as day.

What happened after the goal was more crucial as it seemed Milan couldn't get off the dime and into gear in the attack. Pippo then exchanged the industrious Andrea Poli for a more attack minded Giacomo Bonventura but the result didn't come and Milan simply couldn't push the game further to earn all three points.

Oddly enough, I am not all that concerned by the result or the performance.  For the first time in a while this team has been busting it's up, not just the midfielders but everyone.  So when I see a match like Sunday's I don't all that concerned, even though there was some selfish play in attack and times of what appeared to be laziness the team continues to progress forward and after the second half of last season that is a welcome sight.