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Sunday Milan Musings

International breaks give everyone a time to recharge and do something special.

Jim Rogash

I start this news round up with Friday evening's festivities.  I had the pleasure of attending Landon Donovan's final match in the US Jersey.  It was a testimonial and truthfully I was supportive of the Klinsmann's choice to not take him to the World Cup, but the night was special.  It is odd when a player the same age as I am says he is going to retire, a player who seemed to transcend levels when I was working my way through high school and college ranks!  Now he is saying goodbye as the US's all time leading goal scorer and a holder of some fantastic records.  To think in 2009 it was rumored that Milan are willing to swap an ever widening Ronaldinho for the kid from LA...crazy stuff.  Thank you Landon Donovan now onto the rest of the Milan rumors.

-It appears Milan have some interest in Cagilari's Nicola Murru.  The odd part of this rumor is that he is a defender who can play anywhere in the back!?  A defender, under 20!?  Fester must have hit his head.

-The again he hasn't changed at all as Demetrio Albertini Milan should go all in for Sammy Khedira and Fester was quick to say he is to expensive.  Albertini has a point though and sees the void in the center of the park, a midfield and NDJ, Khedira, and a Riccardo Montolivo wouldn't be all that bad.

-Filippo Inzaghi has come out and said the Coppa Italia is Milan's Champions League this season.  Rightfully so, to be honest, it is the only Title the team can win and should push for something.  The question is can they win it??  It has been 11 years since the last time they hoisted that trophy.  It may be long before this team hoists any trophy.

-So long that Milan Director, Umberto Gandini, suggested that there should be Champions League Wildcard spots for teams with a rich Champions League History.  Yes, I am actually embarrassed he said that out loud.  The fact that they let more than Champion's qualify has cheapened it enough, now we are going to give a spot to a Milan team that is below average because they have won it seven it times!?  I enjoyed many of those wins but they aren't worth a thing today! Less creativity Umberto more directing.