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AC Milan January Transfer Window News and Notes

Seems we are linked to more Coaches than players...

Claudio Villa

A first Milan musings of the New Year and in the spirit of the January Silly Season! Speaking of silly...

-It appeared last night someone went through the trouble of creating a fake Instragram of Abate and posted pictures of him and Bonucci and some nonsense about Juventus being special!?  Frankly, that's how I knew it wasn't true, I kid, I kid, and truth be told I have tremendous respect for that cheating Old Lady and their wig wearing cry baby Coach.  But losing Abate to them would be bad, worse is the trouble somebody went through to do that, and we thought Pato fans were nutso!  This one goes in the silly bucket for sure!

-Galliani has said no buys without sales, and while many have conveniently forgotten that we have already added two players the sad reality of AC Milan sans money continues to be true.  I expect continued signing of players out of contract but we could spark some sales this window.  This, sadly, is for real.

-Speaking of out of contract buys Milan are looking at Porto midfielder Fernando. The Brazilian would come free in the summer, but Napoli and Inter are also interested.  This a blah move to me, it furthers the point that we don't buy, we poach, and it continues this lack of scouting anywhere outside of Brazil.  Our Brazilian moves after Thiago Silva have been busts.  While I expect this to be a real, I don't support it all that much.

-Seedorf is not in pole position, but in a position.  Those are the words of Fester, take it for what's it worth.  I do not support this move in the least.  Hiring another Coach with no experience, and doesn't even have his Coaching badges is Leo version 2.0.  Hopefully many of you remember the REAL worst manager Milan has had in the last ten years.  Spalletti, Prandelli, heck anyone but Seedorf at this point.  Not sure what to make of this, but knowing Milan this is real and headed for failure.

-If the above is real, then this is silly. Balotelli says he is staying, but rumor has it Seedorf wants nothing to do with him.  End of the day the next Coach will make this choice, with Ranieri at Monaco, Mou at Chelsea and Mancini seemingly interested.  He is Milan's most marketable asset and what he does for Kaka and SES, or lack thereof needs to be considered.

- It would appear like Nainggolan, D'Ambrosio will be lost.  For, drum roll please, 3-5M!?  This is money Milan used to spend on dinner and drinks, now they can't spend it on a RB/LB who provides depth for the oft injured DeSciglio and Abate.  Apart from the fact that the Abate rumors are swirling, and we don't who the future RB/LB really are, this move would have helped solidify that, but a decision needs to be made either way.  This type of stuff is down right embarrassing.  This isn't silly from a rumor sense, this is very real, but it is SILLY for a lot of other reasons.