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AC Milan January Transfer News

Once in poll position it seems the Nainggolan deal has fallen through.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press

Seems Milan doesn't have the funds to play with the "big" boys this transfer. Noticed how I put big in quotes, because Napoli and Roma, while not historically top four contenders have proved they have the resources to strengthen this transfer window. AC Milan on the other hand? The Rossoneri appear to day late and a dollar short, and I expect this not to be the first deal to implode this transfer window.

Granted, stranger things have happened in Serie A and until the player is training (Suazo), and passed his dental exams (Cissokho), no deal is certain! Barbara promised a new look AC Milan, where we wouldn't court "mediocre" players and invest in the Club. Seems like we will have to wait a little longer for Barbara's grand plan. However; I have a feeling this move is a blessing in disguise, Milan needs another North-South midfielder like they need another striker.