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WTF Friday! - He Said What?

Taarabt: "Honour to be here" - Really?? Really?? ....REALLY???

Chung Sung-Jun

I'm just going to cut to the chase on this one

Whenever we get a new signing, i usually give them a clean slate, "You were misfiring at your old club? No problem! Welcome!", "Oh, you've just joined from Inter? I wont hold it against you, I'm sure you will be made to feel right at home", "You like to set stuff on fire!? I dont care as long as you blaze the field whenever you are on it" you get the idea.

However, back in the "good old days" (insert eye roll here) a new signing was met with a lot of pomp and fanfare as we were buying a Lentini, a Baggio, a Weah, a Nesta etc. Figures of proven footballing acumen who had just been mercilessly ripped away from their respective clubs by the Yellow Tied Fiend, the new signing was accepted from day one as being both necessary & a proven commodity.

Fast forward to where we now are and after 5+ years of barrel scrapping and I'd like to announce with 99% certainty that we've hit the bottom folks!

Respect & Commitment.

If a player goes, he goes. I've got the scars of watching this team be bereaved of names such as Baresi & Van Basten, Maldini, Albertini, Capello, etc. Names that made me think that that we couldn't possibly survive without them, not merely just because of the level of talent they brought on the field but more due to the level of respect & commitment they brought to the pitch for 90mins every single time.

Respect the colours, club & fans you play for.

Commitment, you bleed for the shirt you are wearing. You ensure that you uphold the traditions of the club.

Two things i feel that are sadly lacking from nearly every player in out current roster (but we will give Dr Dorf some time to work on this in the background).

So where does that leave our new signing Adel Taarabt? ON VERY SHAKY GROUND FROM DAY ONE! Let me point you to the source of my ire. It was when we were originally linked to the player back in winter mercato of the 2112- 2013 season. We allegedly had got in touch with the players agent and when questioned about this, this was the response:

"I would only refuse offers from the big English clubs if Milan made me an offer. (so far so good right?)

"My agent is in talks with Galliani, but it depends on what happens with Robinho and (reported AC Milan target Javier) Pastore. Milan aren't going through a glorious period now, ( ok, i can accept him saying that) and they're no longer a part of the top clubs. (easy fella! You only play for QPR remember!?)

"However, if i joined Milan then it would open up the doors for me to great clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona" (now you've crossed a line damnit!)

Fast-forward a year later and it looks like we have actually signed this clown! "I’m honoured to be able to play for the best club in the world. I spoke with Seedorf and we’re both happy. I’m an attacker and I like to play behind the strikers. I don’t know Balotelli personally but I know who he is and it’s pleasing to be able to play with him".

So now that he's here we are suddenly the best club in the world? Jerk.

So, what is generally said about the guy?

Former Teammate: "You've got to kind of disregard him at times," added Derry. "He will be in the attacking third when we are defending for our lives and you cannot rely on him in that sense. You have to bite your tongue at certain times but he is the maverick in our team. I have never played with anyone quite like Adel - he is a one off."

Former Manager: "Redknapp on whether Taarabt had a point to prove: "I don't think so. When he played against us at White Hart Lane he was useless."

Milan obviously see something in him and maybe its that fact that he has previously won Football League Player of the Year Award but he has failed to live up to the billing of being the new Zidane and has previously been citied as having a poor work ethic and temperament. To me it looks clear that we have a guy who doesn't really respect the club and appears to get stroppy when things aren't going well and keeping mind where we are in the league, i really don't think we can afford to gamble on a guy who is known for sulking whilst still on the pitch and asking to be taken off!

I'm ready to eat my words but this guy has alot of work to do before that happens!

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