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Allegri Announces He is Leaving AC Milan

"This is certainly my last Christmas at Milan but I have eaten panettone here once again and to be honest I had no doubt that I would," he said, referring to the constant speculation about his future since early this season (Guardian UK)

Paolo Bruno

They say the ultimate respect is not that of pundits who know little of the game they cover but of one's peers:

"Tanto di capello al lavoro di Allegri, perché sta facendo vedere la sua mano su una squadra molto giovane”.- Eranio

“I already said that Allegri is an excellent Coach,” -  Capello

I consider Allegri to be an excellent Coach and an excellent guy.” - Sacchi

The problem with AC Milan has never been that of the Coach, but of the management.  Few Coaches have been given less and asked to do more at any of the "Big Clubs" in Europe.  Truth be told, Milan is no longer a big club, as their lack of spending or any real plan makes them more of a Tottenham then a Real Madrid in the current state of affairs.  Speaking of Tottenham, you sort of a see a Coach run a team into the ground with the players he requested, while at Milan the Coach was given nothing of the sort.  A defender? Take another striker.  A midfielder? Behold, another striker. You want a striker? Here we got you a striker.  Robinho, SES, Balo, Matri, Pazzo, Niang...more strikers than anyone would know what to do with, yet somehow he was asked to do the impossible, and more often than not he did it.

A scudetto in the first season, second place the next and third after an abysmal start.  His second and third and season were marked by injuries, and management meddling.  When he asked for Asamoah, he was given Muntari. When he asked for Tevez in place of Pato, the Dud of a Duck remained.  Yet he pressed on.   It seems Milan have finally arrived at a breaking point crossroads that no Coach could survive.  Absent a plan, chock full of strikers, and a back room mutiny it would seem any Coach would head for the hills.  For Allegri it was inevitable and any Coach who knows a damn think would avoid this place like the plague.  So enter stage right a green horn, be it Seedorf or Inzaghi.  Sadly neither Club hero will be successful because the foundation is not there and the Management's lack of direction and unwillingness to truly build a Club from the ground up is the real problem.

Simply put best of luck to Max Allegri on whatever his next endeavor may be.  The National Team?  Abroad? It matters little, he has accomplished more in Serie A than most in a very short time. The real luck is need for the poor soul who takes his place on the bench at AC Milan.  Few men would want to Captain the Titanic when it has already split in two...