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AC Milan Transfer News: Wednesday Milan Musings

Once a force in the Transfer Window, the Golden Tie is reduced to this.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Our last Musings this Transfer Window...

- It would appear the loan swap involving Zaccardo and Taarabt is nearly done. On paper a great move, aging rarely used defender for young versatile player who can player either wing in the 4-2-3-1. The problem with this guy is a he is a giant bag of douche, and I don't say that lately. Apart from the Milan is a stepping stone Club comment to his issues at QPR, this is a guy is bad news. To reiterate good player, terrible attitude, Milan are no longer a rest home but an insane asylum.

-While the above move probaby negates this one, 10M for Cerci would be a great buy! The problem is it's a co-own with Saponara going the other way. Saponara's days looked number at Milan with Milan having a few player who can play CAM and none who can play RAM and LAM. He was shopped to Parma as well, and frankly I think this is a shortsighted move, but playing time at his age is crucial. Frankly put am I torn, but Cerci would help fix that. You want the 4-2-3-1 to work, Cerci and Taarabt help that tremendously.

- I end with the old adage, you can't sell what nobody wants. Fiorentina preferred Diakite to Mexes, frankly who doesn't. The funny this is Constant blew up his deal, as he didn't want to leave Milan. Fat paycheck, sporadic playing time and a slew of selfie oppurtunites, why leave!?