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AC Milan January Transfer News

This move brings about far more questions than it does answers.

Mark Thompson

On the same day David Moyes added Juan Mata for a hefty fee; AC Milan added Micheal Essien for free. Both players coming from Chelsea, one the apple of his manager's eye, but could no longer hack it in the EPL. The other, a delicate "pretty" player but not the sort of balance the Special One looks for. Both Milan and Manchester United are in a bit of a tailspin at the moment, both teams have talented rosters and are showing next to none of it. Both teams have glaring holes in defense and neither seems willing to admit and address it. Milan lost patience with it's manager and Manchester United seems coy on what to do with theirs. At the end of the day, the Semi-Finalists from the 2007 Champions League have come a long way, a LONG way.

If this move was a personal request of Clarence Seedorf, then by all means it is OK. Maybe he needs help in the locker room, maybe he needs a friend? Maybe he sees that the 4-2-3-1 is not viable due to a missing partner in the double pivot? Not sure why he chose to fix this when the wings are just as bad off, but is a thirty-one year old with bum knees really the answer? Rumor had it Essien had not passed his medical, and while that was squashed it would have only further shined light on the odd dealings at Via Turati.

As a player, I love Micheal Essien, always have. He is the sort of player I admire, hard worker, play anywhere and as I said earlier, three years ago I would have already ordered my kit. The problem is this is not the step forward that this team is supposedly trying to take. However, when I make that statement I no longer no what that step is. I am not a child, and am not naive enough to say I want to know what the Club is doing, or that I don't want to be lied to. I don't live in some fictitious World where I expect to be apprised of each and every move and cry about my "broken heart" this is football. Life like in football involves getting lied to, misled, and some disappointment in the end. All I can ask for is some accountability!

This move may pan out, it may not, and the only one worse off for it is Cristante. Again, this is fine, if he is not the way forward, so be it, but a way forward needs to be addressed. It doesn't need to be broadcast but at least a semblance of something has to come out of a Club with not one but two CEOs!? Until then, this Circus continues to roll on.