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Why arent we suddenly winning?

God! Why aint we winning?
God! Why aint we winning?
Claudio Villa

"Anyone but Allegri!"

...this became the mantra for a minority towards the end of the Allegri-ball era. He'd clearly outstayed his welcome, with his position pretty much untenable after the 4-3 reversal to Sassuolo. It was best for all that he go and in some ways im glad he's gone (rather he'd gone back in the summer tbh) as it would be good to see us concentrate on the matters on the field rather than bitching the personality of the coach (which appears to have enveloped some Milanista for a season or two.)

Some pointed out that it wasnt so much that the coach was at fault (not that he was blameless) the issue was more to do with the fact that the scudetto winning squad Allegri 1st took charge of was pretty much dismantled in his tenure, i do recall that when we sold Ibra AND Silva, Cassano jumped ship like a rat, in hindsight, maybe he just didnt want to be part of the bloodbath that followed?

I know plenty of clubs experience that sudden "uptick" in results as soon as someone new takes over, even if its just the assistant coach standing in as witnessed at Spurs & Cardiff recently and kinda got swept along with the hype that maybe, just maybe we would go on a winning run now that Seedorf has taken over.

The issue now appears to be that because now there is no apparent surge up the table (it might still happen, fingers crossed) some are now more closely scrutinising players and their input over 90 mins and questioning whether the manager has the tools to implement what he wants. If a Robinho shot now rebounds off the post then its all about "luck" whereas when this same thing happened under Allegri there was groans of derision and calls for "Why didnt Allegri sub him?" Players are now being called out with even Kaka being slammed for his recent no-show against Udini. We're now being told Seedorf cant work miracles, he basically needs a bit of time and more importantly, he needs the right players to fit the formation he wants to implement . Lol, what?? We are being asked to cut Seedorf some slack as its not his fault that Fester has built a patchwork quilt instead of a football squad, lets give him some patience! So what happened to anyone is better than Allegri? If all the problems where simply due to the previous coaches mistakes then is it wrong to expect/demand a winning streak from now until the end of the season? The last coach was the problem no?

People are being accused of revelling in seeing Seedorf stumble and taking joy in apparent mistakes...........which is kind of what went on for about 3 seasons from the "Anyone but Allegri" camp. It's about turned from "Haha Muntari is crap and thats on Allegri" to suddenly "Its not Seedorfs fault" smh

You have to love how suddenly the only "uptick" being seen is from people pleading patience and asking others to take into account the squads deficiencys. Hello! Thanks for finally joining the rest of us the in the real world, it took you abit of time but glad you made it anyway.

Common sense says that Seedorf WILL need time. He isnt really going to get to do much this season apart from possibly jettison unwanted players (Nocerino, im look at you fella!) and work on what he wants to do for next season and identify players to bring in that will fit his system. I think pretty much everyone needs to see us winning and are all behind Seedorf delivering. I feel that the fans who could see the issues Allegri was having to contend with are better equipped to understand and deal with why there is no uptick and it relates to what he been discussed ad nausem regarding the quality of the squad.

I would suggest that some keep a low profile, wait until Seedorf wins 2-3 games on the trot and then burst out and announce jubilantly "I told you so!"