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Tactics Thursday: Seedorf's 4-2-3-1

It's my favorite formation, seems to be Clarence's too...but I still contend Milan lack the personnel to make this work.

Roberto Serra

The Owner made him an offer he couldn't refuse, so he took the job. I have been in that role before, asked to take a job that was going to be a nightmare. You reconcile that in your mind, you say the money is good, you will make the role your own. At the end of the day you lie yourself to feel comfortable, many of us do it, we do it to hide from the truth. Believe it or not is actually better to be brutally honest, and as much as I LOVE the 4-2-3-1 if I was in Clarence's shoes I would say HECK NO.

Lack of true wingers is the problem for me coupled with a weak dual pivot. The kicker for me is Clarence claiming Pazzo can be the #9, with Balo in behind. Kaka and Honda on the wide spots and then the rest well, GOOD LUCK!? Four full blown attacking players out of 10, if I was an opposing I would be salivating at the prospect of playing against this team. It is almost like he got an XBOX One for Christmas and said let me make the most viable video game team I can and then say let's do it in real life!? Once an opponent has beaten that front four, the rest well is history, if you think Berardi had it easy against the XMAS tree, just wait for this one!?

A few days ago I was cautiously skeptical on Seedorf, but after hearing this, I am just plain SCARED. I can see a lot of formations for this team, the XMAS tree, the one that made him a Legend is one of them, but this notion that a 4-2-3-1 is viable is terrifying. I know he is green and lacks his Coaching badges, but this is just Leo's 4-1-FANTASIA all over again. Imagine DeJong and Monty behind those four, they would be pinned back holding on for dear life. Mexes? He would be MIA in seconds and if you extend possession and brought the fullbacks forward you would literally create the autostrada on the flanks. Maybe Seedorf has a greater plan or vision, but I know who is already licking their chops after reading this one, every Coach in the boot!