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Welcoming Clarence Seedorf Back to AC Milan

What more is left to say?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

I wrote this a few days ago, then I left for a foreign country, my honeymoon and a much needed vacation. When I wrote this I was already seemingly inundated by Seedorf content, both here and elsewhere. It was interesting to see this sort of blind faith at what had just transpired. By now I think the dust has settled, and this was written before whatever result occurred on Sunday. It may have been positive, a "magical start" as some will say, or a repeat of what had already been dropped points against Verona, but it is irrelevant here, the real thing I want to discuss is this appointment.

I don't dislike Seedorf, but I also don't hold him in as high regard as I do player's like Maldini and Baresi. For starters, he is not a defender nor is he Italian, as an Italian I drawn to those characteristics, it is my opinion, and nothing more. I also never appreciated the fact that he won three Champion's League trophies with three different Clubs. I found this less "magnificent" and more mercen-arial. Yes, it is certainly an accomplishment to achieve what he did, few have lifted that Trophy once, let alone three times, but having played for Ajax, Real, Inter, Sampdoria and Milan doesn't put him in that echelon of the true Milan greats for me. It doesn't make him a bad player, or a potential bad Coach, but it just sours thing a bit. How should a true banner man like Franco Baresi, Tassotti, or Maldini feel when players like Seedorf and Leo are given a chance to a Club they "created and tended" to? They are treated like sons and made to be golden calfs, for what? Because they toed the Company line for the few years they collect a paycheck?

What you just read was my beef, and I feel oddly comfortable typing and knowing most people will read when I am far far away from a computer to respond to it, it makes me feel peaceful, but for me at least it is what I feel. What bothers me more is this new notion that hiring Clarence will cure all that ails, something I find farther from the truth. Most of you already alluded it to here, and for that I commend you. It is something that I haven't seen from other so called "pundits" and it shows how great you all really are. It almost feels like Management through out a lure, and many have already taken the bait. Those who haven't are still sitting here asking, where are my defenders? Where is the investment? Is it coming? If so how and when? Not a bad move to hire a Coach in the end of the transfer window to gloss over losing players left and right for less than 10M!

All the hiring of Seedorf has done is bring more questions to the table. Is the hiring of 232 ex-players going to really make Mexes less of a headcase? Is paying those guy to play a good use of resources when we need to pay some REAL players to play? Apart from the fact that the last foreign Coach to win a Title at AC Milan was Nil Liedholm, a "Dream Team" of Coaches in modern football has never done a damn thing. It just seems Milan is more about noise and nonsense then the product that ends up on the pitch. I am not passing judgement, just observing this Circus with cautious skepticism, and asking some really pointed questions. There may not be any answers at this moment in time, but being able to lay it all the table can at least foster a discussion!

I will hit back later in the week with Tactics Post and this proposed move to a 4-2-3-1, which for me is akin to saying I am going to play Bach's finest symphony, with a kazoo...