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Friday Milan Musings: A Vacation

I had a rough week, but to come and find this almost brought tears to my eyes!

Claudio Villa

One of my favorite authors, Chuck Palahniuk, wrote a book called Fight Club. The book later spawned a movie and for those who have consumed either, I hope you will understand where this is coming from and where it is going, for those who haven't I highly recommend it.

In Fight Club a man named Tyler Durden creates a Club, much like this website. He didn't create it for plaudits or for fame, he created it for himself. Something for him to build on, to help alleviate the societal shackles, what that Club turns into is not just an escape for him, but for those who follow. A place to let loose, to "fight" and to let it all out. Without giving to much away, as it is crucial, at some point the Creator no longer defines the Club, it becomes it's own entity, it's own group. To be gone a few days to find five fanposts made me feel like Tyler Durden, the Club had carried on! It had evolved and found it's own voice, and that was what really made it Special.

I was gone, not because Max was canned, or that I couldn't stand the appointment of Seedorf. I was gone because I received a promotion at work. I was named Program Manager for a prominent Aircraft and the first week on the job spit me up and chewed me out. I felt a bit like Max Allegri, but in reverse, jumping into the fire instead of being pushed out. I didn't get to follow much of the news or comment. I did get into a little Twitter mix up, and those who caught that, I hope you understand why I asked for accountability, and why lying to the people who follow you is never the right the thing to do. All we have in life is integrity and accountability, if you have it and keep it, things will improve. As if work wasn't enough, the Mrs. AC Milan Offside and I are finally going on our honeymoon next week!

I leave now, not nervous or uncomfortable, but proud of what has emerged here. For those who wrote fan posts you have been rewarded with trusted author rights, please continue, I can't tell you how happy it makes me. Share what I "created" and make it something for all of us. I will have a few posts scheduled, and the Godfather himself will remain to keep a watchful eye and post as well, but this should be week for all of us. Change at the Club can mean all levels and I hope to see how it works as we move forward. I apologize for being MIA and not stating it sooner but it seemed for the better and thank you to those who contributed and I hope to see many more contributors going forward.

I will have a tactics post and a Seedorf post on tap for next week, but the floor is yours!