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WTFF! My sources didnt pan out!

How can my "inside" sources be wrong??

Team Wonka!
Team Wonka!
Claudio Villa

Ok, i admit it!

I look like an ass. I ran around here telling everyone that my inside source at Milan (my grandfathers gardener who has an uncle who is a shoe shine and once cleaned the boots of someone who lives next door to a guy who delivered pizza to a plumber who once had to unblock the toilets at Via Turati) had the inside track on the sacking of Allegri and who was to be his replacement but it turned out to be complete nonsense!

What was i to do? I checked the Gazzetta Twitter feed beforehand which also appeared to be hinting that Pippo was to be announced so thought there was a high chance i might look like i know what im talking about, i failed but know that most of you will forget this the next time there is a feeding frenzy for information so guess i'm safe from any comebacks............right? :D

Anyhoo, now that i've outed myself as an BS artist i though i would move onto some another BS artist

Milan director Adriano Galliani believes that new Coach Clarence Seedorf will ‘give a jolt’ to the players.

“Have I talked about the transfer market with Seedorf? No. And even if we had, I wouldn't reveal it.

I cant help but roll my eyes at the above statement, it smacks of either, i really dont know what is going on as i wanted Allegri to stay OR we have no money so i will just pretend that there are plans afoot.

As well as being a BS artist, im an admitted company guy, i toe the line and give the benefit of the doubt to Messers Berlusconi and Galliani but cant help but feel a little jaded and burned out now. Like last time, i pray that the coach gets the players he wants and gets them sooner rather than later to allow him to start to build a foundation for next season. The next few months may as well as just be a testing period for Seedorf as decides who goes in sooner rather than later and who is worth holding on to after the summer.

Regardless of whether you wanted Seedorf here or not, he's here, he speaks 5 languages, get used to it! We have  Verona at home on Sunday and im sure there will def be a buzz around the San Siro, we might even have alot of people come see Dr Seedorfs first game in charge and have to admit to being kinda excited to see what is served and hope for a large helping of some kind of Dorf's Dutch Delight and not some dollop of dank doo-doo!

See you all on Sunday no doubt!