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Dear Willy Wonka

We need to talk!

Operation Wonka is GO!
Operation Wonka is GO!
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Hi, it's me, AviA.

Yup! The guy you cruelly & publicly snubbed at Glasgow Airport a few years back. No big deal. I'm not holding a grudge. I hear you've just been appointed the new Milan Coach and i wanted to point out a few facts. Yes, your a big name in Milan, you achieved pretty much everything there is to do in football and did alot of that at Milan. I can still see you scoring that goal at the San Siro against Man Utd....and love you for it, but be careful, Fans are fickle, you already know this, i was there when the whole San Siro was booing you and know you took it to heart.

You have inherited a team that is light years away from the Milan that helped you lift a CL cup. You played alongside world champions & big money signings who where bloodied by decapitating & burying the biggest names in the graveyard of European football that was the San Siro, those days are long gone. The team you will be taking charge of is, bar a few, made up of rejects, want-a-ways and last minute panic buys.

You have said yes to Berlusconi, you may be thinking that you are the new Sacchi and you will now be given the chance to build a team that will rampage across Europe and right the recent wrongs? Silly Seedorf! King Berlusconi is no longer the wise old master, instead he has gotten older and even more eccentric. No longer is Milan the shiny Ferrari of Europe. Instead Berlusconi has neglected us and let Galliani run from club to club with nothing more than cunning in his pocket to try and purchase new players. Galliani, who used to be the shark with the yellow tie that all clubs used to dread doing business with has been reduced to a bumbling clown of a pauper who has been mortally wounded after recent infighting.

Ah yes, the structure at the club, this to has changed since you were last here. The club is split in two, with one side likely to have opted to bring you into the fold. But be careful Clarence, you may be forced to pick a side, which ever one you pick you might find the "Other side" fighting against you. Your very presence may cause discomfort for some, be careful of who you align yourself so as they say, "Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer!".

I hope to see you instil some of that old Milan Magic from the good old days, You know what i mean, where we go on an unbeaten CL run where we win every match and dont concede and finish top of the table but let me outline why you might struggle to achieve this. The guy you replaced at some point was cut adrift by the guys at the top, most of us could see it, most of us agreed he should have left after the public slap in the face from Berlusconi last year but he didnt. He just bit his lip and let the prestige of coaching one the biggest clubs get the better of him but know that you will understand the allure of this job, hence you are here.

I want need you to succeed Clarence! Tell Berlusconi that you wont put up with the infighting going on upstairs, tell him to fix the problem and to ensure that the infighting doesn't get in the way of you putting your plan into action. The last guy made announcements of preferred formations but he never seemed to get the backing to do what he wanted to do, he always appeared to be making do with what he was given, try run a Ferrari on diesel and you get a stinky mess that is expensive to fix! Tell him to SHOW YOU THE MONEY!!!

You're a very intelligent guy but still wonder what you can do to make Nocerino more like Boban or turn Monty in Albertini. You need to show some players the door and bring in some genuine talent as it feels like the guys at the top have only been bringing in talent that was just "enough" to keep us afloat, thats not the Milan Way and you know it! It's what lead to the mess you are now going to have to fix.

At the end of the day, regardless of if Milanista thought the last guy was hard done by or whether Tassotti should have taken over or Pippo or someone else, Milanista are looking up to you Clarence. We simply need some confidence in our team, we dont want to be wondering which Milan turns up from game to game or why the formation keeps changing.

It feels like we are on the cusp of a death spiral Clarence, you now have the opportunity to avert it or you can throw us down it head first at terrifying speed.

Make us proud Clarence, i might even attempt asking you for your autograph again if you do us all proud but be warned, If you make things worse, expect to be booed!