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Wednesday Milan Musings - AC Milan Transfers

Some have called him a "true" Milanista, and if playing for a few teams gives you that moniker, then geez times have changed. Let's see what his peers say...

Ned Dishman


"I know Clarence very well, he was always a player who showed huge personality," commented Ancelotti to reporters today.

"I’m sure that he has the knowledge and ability to do anything in the world of football.

"Now he’s facing a new experience in an environment he knows very well, that is important."


"I am very surprised at the choice made by the club," he told RTL 4.

"Clarence has no experience as a Coach. Despite this however, I think it will prove to be a good choice in the near future."


"To return to the high levels, I believe that first everyone has to come down from the clouds, return to playing with the ball and not the paparazzi or the other nonsense that is in fashion," Weah has told today.

"It is the time to sweat more for the shirt because they have much talent, but I do not see that hunger to devour their prey like a lion.

"They have to prove their worth as players, otherwise it is useless.

"Seedorf as Coach? He is a great player, he has plenty of experience having won everything. It would be really interesting to see him in the role of Coach.

"Even as a player he has been able to motivate and drag the group. He may be the right Coach for this Milan of young players."

For me, hands down, King George says it best. No one was posting selfie's on twitter in Weah's day, you came in and played football! The lack of experience is a common theme and only time will tell if this is Leo version 2.0 or more of a diamond in the rough. He is a smart man, well spoken, and cultured, but unfortunately nothing of those things are prerequisites to being a good Coach. To make matters worth, this is Italy, where even the best Coaches have been chewed up and spit out in the Provinces. Will he be given the tools to succeed or weighted down from the start, time will tell...