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Allegri Fired From AC Milan

“Sometimes they look for scapegoats to put in place and feed the fans,”

Claudio Villa

It is odd to see player's discuss the status of other Coaches, but this Buffon was a particularly odd one.  Specifically because there seems to be a belief that Allegri was as odds with many of the old guard, something Buffon would most likely have eyes on.

"It was not always so - if Allegri has a fault it is that he did not have the courage to walk away when for over a year he had suffered attacks from inside that were unjustified and too much for what he could do with the squad he had.”

That doesn't seem to be the case, and for someone who was brought to Milan as what appeared to be an ax-man for management, you would think some of this would be made more clear.  Not at Milan, where having the wool pulled over your eyes by Management and Pundits is a common place and even applauded!?  With that said, not sure why Max hung around like he did, or why he was such a good soldier?  It seems time will tell on that one.