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Allegri Fired From AC Milan - Succesor To Be Named

But it is what happens next that will define AC Milan. What once was a Club to be revered and respected has descended into a circus of talk and nonsense.

Claudio Villa

Every once and a while you have to sit patiently and observe the madness around you. Being this is the silly season and it just got a bit sillier, I figured it was a good move to pause and reflect. Sunday's loss was one of the worse I can remember, and not in the Istanbul sense but in a disappointing beyond belief sense. To start with a two goal lead, two goals! Something Milan would never squander and to be rendered useless at the hands of a child, it was sobering and the time of sobering that often brings about change. The problem is, as I sit here and reflect I can't honestly say with all my conviction that this change, any change for that matter is for the better.

Yes Allegri was a good as gone, few could refute that, and few could claim it wasn't going to happen. The point in making such a move though was to do it the right way, taking a step forward for the future of this Club instead of lateral or back. With the announcement came the news that Tassotti would be the caretaker a logical move, but as the Club courts Seedorf or Pippo, the real needs of AC Milan seems to continue to go unaddressed. Management has proven nearly 5 years ago that while they can occasionally make a smart move, the needs of the Club have not been met. For every good buy has been a poor one, or a sale to balance to the books. While the product on the pitch continues to be subpar. When it was defenders we needed they bought for the attack, and when the Carletto divorce was final, they replaced him with a Coach incapable of the simplest tactic.

We are left somewhat in the same unenviable position, except now the power struggle from within is far worse. The two CEO debacle would be enough to bring any Club to it's knees, and now they have to collectively find a Coach. While the masses align behind Team Pippo or Team Seedorf, it is the team who suffers. A team built with some moderately talented individuals with the mental fortitude of five year olds. Had Zlatan been on the pitch yesterday he would have slapped Balotelli, hard, the kind that gets into all the papers. Milan is not made of "Champions" a statement once uttered from top to bottom, it is made up a cry babies who need more than a Coach with a freshly minted Coaching Cert. They need a discplinarian someone to instill what it means to be a footballer. The problem I don't know if that person even exists anymore.

I don't expect management to understand, on one side you have Barbara preaching a future she can't deliver without a checkbook and the other is Fester who bought these players because they were cheap yet unable to recognize their inherent flaws. So now we sit, waiting for the future of our Team to unfold in the hands of those that I believe incapable and inept to unfold it. While they waist the last few weeks of the January window fumbling on about a Coach, a chance to strengthen on the pitch and more importantly drop some dead weight will be lost and the mess continues.

When I was a child the Milan way meant trap lock defenses, impenetrable midfield and attacking intensity. This is not the Milan I remember, and this Circus, for me at least, needs to stop.