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Happy New Year!

Another year in the books here at the AC Milan Offside.

Dino Panato

As I enter my seventh year here at the AC Milan Offside, I want to say thank you. SEVEN YEARS seems like eternity, but in a good way! The seven years have not been without their ups and downs on and off the pitch. In these seven years we have had a scudetto, a CL, and a World Club Cup, not a bad haul! In turn we have had a trying season, but not the worst that I have endured. This year I had personal milestones, a promotion at work, marriage, and a new home. At the same time lost a dear friend and had to retire from Coaching due to new responsibilities at work. But like all things in life we take it for what its worth and move forward, evolving to a new tomorrow. We can say the same about AC Milan. No matter how bad it seems right, it can always be worse, and while many view a year without the Champions League as the ultimate penance. I instead view it is our Owner and management getting what they paid for! I have been without the CL or even the UEFA Cup, those were dark days that may stand to be repeated. For some this season may be the first at such a depth, in fact we may even endure a relegation battle, something Milan fans have not had to ponder in some 25 years. However, this is in my opinion is football, you endure the ups and downs. For those who didn't have many ups, I am sorry, but history has given me the comfort to sit here and stomach what goes on today. I can't save AC Milan, and even if I was given a single wish to do so, I wouldn't use it in that regard.

Instead, I want to make a change or difference where I can, and it will start here. I am not big on New Year resolutions, I have seen enough people drown to know not to tread that water. Instead of a resolution, which is a decision to do or not do something, I want to make a commitment to myself and all of you. In turn I am hoping for the same. As you are aware, I am adamant about free speech, both for myself and for you. In turn that creates some heated conversation, which I fully support. What we can do however is show more patience for each other. I admit I expect a level of knowledge and accountability that I will not waiver on, if you are going to say something you should own it and it's consequences, but a commitment to patience and understanding of what we all say is the commitment. I hope we can all agree, because while things will most likely get worse on the pitch before they improve, this blog doesn't have to go the same route.