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Monday Milan Musings: Depth

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With Antonini gone and Abate coming up lame for the National Team the problem of depth at the back rears its ugly head, again.

Marco Luzzani

It was odd to see how many people cheered the transfer of Antonini. While it was a decent piece of business Birsa for Antonini, the shipping out of a rather benign fullback who could play LB or RB was really a poor choice. Now instead of just slotting him in place of Abate and letting DeSciglio continue his progress at LB, we are stuck with a conundrum.

The options are two you move DeSciglio or do you leave him? This opens up a can of worms. If you move him, you fill the hole at RB but open one up at LB relying on Constant or Urby, neither all that great. If you leave him at LB you are stuck with the potential for Zaccardo at RB, again not the worst move, but not the best either. The fact of the matter is while adding Birsa gave us midfield depth, shipping off a fullback in which the team already struggled just seemed shortsighted.

While we have cover for every role at strikers, our defense remains a makeshift nightmare. No team can be truly championship caliber with these problems at the back. So while we can talk all day about Max not being up to snuff as many of you like to do, when your defense lacks four real starts what can any Coach do?