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Milan Transfers and News

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Claudio Villa

In case you missed last Friday, me or anyone else for that matter, can take a piece of Milan news and simply say WTF!?

This week...

It would appear Milan did not understand the A/B List for the Champions League. The consequence to this, Niang is not on the CL Roster. While not the most catastrophic problem we have ever endured it is one that could have been avoided as SES could have been B-listed and Niang over to A. Is it the worst thing in the World, by no means, is it embarrassing? Yes.

About as embarrasing as having to share the love of your Club with Fans who blame Coaches set pieces execution errors, then again they will probably just blame Max for this too. Because like defending set pieces, signing checks, and making transfers...Max is responsible for submitting the CL roster as well. Classic, somebody fire that intern please, NOW. Wait what, that intern is Pato!?? Are you serious!? Who hires a washed up striker to be an intern!!? WTF...