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Wednesday Milan Musings

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"if you put a monkey in front of a typewriter you eventually get a word or two"

Claudio Villa

We recapped the mercato here and none of us were ecstatic, so "best" we start looking to January, what is football fandom if you are not neglecting the football in favor of spreading rumors!? I joked with Avia the other day about rumors, you read blogs and tweets and it looks a bit like monkey typewriter. If you are not familiar with this statistical theory it states that if you put a monkey in front of a typewriter you eventually get a word or two. So if you put a football "pundit" in front of a computer eventually one of the rumors churned out will come true...let's look at the ones that didn't shall we!

Honda to Milan a Done Deal

So I checked the roster again this morning, looks like this one didn't come true!? Friday we were told it was happening it never did. Let's see if this gets the monkey treatment in January.

Zaccardo for Cannavaro

This was a good one, not because of the mediocre for mediocre swap. Granted we needed the CB, more because the Napoli CB had absolutely no intention of leaving Naples.

Astori is Coming Home

Astori has been leaving Cagliari for three seasons, Man United, Everton, Milan, Napoli...the guy has more suitors than a single star cheerleader in high school. He never goes anywhere!

Nocerino swapped for Anyone/Everyone

First it was Birsa, then it was Kucka, then it was Kuzmanovic. Finally it was nobody.

Kucka Signs for Milan

Like Honda, I checked the roster this one didn't happen!?

Ljajic Wants Only Milan

Until he signed for Roma, said he only wanted Roma, been a fan for ten years, feels like he is home, should I keep going!?

Hopefully you guys got a laugh out of this, and puts into perspective the silliness of the Silly Season. If you are the monkey responsible for these rumors, please explain yourself, or if you have actually have a monkey in front of typewriter cranking out rumors send us a video! In the grand scheme of things it is a crazy time period wherein if you believe everything you read you will have a hard time keeping your head on straight. Don't believe everything you read, don't panic, don't assume the sky is falling as it is just a mercato that like the rest will come and go. Feel free to add more rumors that never happened!