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Milan 1 Sampdoria 0

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Claudio Villa

When you have a rough start you have to look for positives, growth and progress. While many will say it was a boring 90 minutes, a win is never boring, and three points is never a small feat. Especially not for this team, where nothing is a given, and everything will be a grind! So time to focus on the positives shall we:

Three Points

I don't care how we get them, as long as we get them. This was no different, a hard fought ground out 90 minutes that saw good solid performances from players needing to find some fighting spirit. NDJ and Poli were very good, and Birsa continues to work his tail off showing a what a player hungry for playing time will do for you! However, it also shows how much a true #10 would improve this team...

Clean Sheet

This one literally makes me weep, I hate conceding goals more than anything on Earth. I was a GK and as a Coach a preached this to the point of lunacy. My team's always chanting you can't lose if you don't concede, it is simple and to see Milan keep a clean sheet for the first time in Serie A was a small miracle. It was an ugly clean sheet defensively to be honest. DeJong does more pressing and break up play than our pressing CB, and the fullbacks continue to be second choice. Zaccardo had his best game to date on both sides of the ball, but from a positional stand point Zapata and Mexes continue to disappoint. For those foolish enough to blame the Coach for CB walk-abouts, poor marking, and fundamental mistakes, do what I did today! Watch parts of this match again and again and again, and notice how absolutely AWFUL or CBs really are! What is the usual mark of a good team, one if not two strong CBs, the writing is on the wall Fester...are you going to fix it or continue to give our Coach the tools to fail?


I frankly wasn't surprised to see Robinho and Matri get the start with the injuries and suspensions. What I was surprised about was the amount of chances they created. Matri's work off the ball has been solid and he made acres of space that not a single person exploited with explosive runs into the channel. This game could have easily been a goal explosion but never really took off. You also have to scratch you head and wonder how many chances we can miss as a team, Robinho has been misfiring since his 14 goal season, I get it, but Matri as well!? I mean these guys couldn't score on 1 v 1 yesterdays. You have to imagine if things can click for either this team will score goals, or somehow Allegri will be blamed for missed 1 v 1 chances!?

All and all it was a hard fought resolute performance. At times it was pretty at times it wasn't. Sampdoria is surely not the strongest of teams in Serie A and after watching Verona you have to imagine they will struggle to stay up. But a win is a win and the positives are there if you choose to see them!