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Bologna 3 Milan 3

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Do we praise the resilience or do we slam the stupidity in defense!?

Marco Luzzani

You can look at this one in two half full or glass half empty...

Glass half full

We have a horrific injury list, significant personnel issues and no depth. The team was listless in the first few matches with no fighting spirit, yet somehow at the sign of adversary on this day they fought on and got a draw away from home. The team created lots of chances and with Balotelli out it was a good offensive performance despite the lack of early goals to seal the match. 5 matches, 10 goal for 10 against, but five points with circumstances is not all that bad.

Glass half empty

Our defense is horrendous and with the current list of injuries Max has no options but tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum. Their lack of concentration is laughable and when pushed they caved to the tune of three goals. The offense was toothless early and if they could finish the game would have been different. 5 matches, 10 goal for 10 against, but five points is not good enough.

You decide...but with that said, I need to mention a point. When I watch Bologna I always admire Diamanti. While our team flounders in this area of the pitch he would have made the perfect buy to cope with our problems. We are team built in such way where the best option for us is the 4-3-1-2, not because we have the players but because it is the least of all the evils. Ponder that for a moment as we ready ourselves for the weekend...