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Milan 3 Cagliari 1

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A much needed win...

Claudio Villa

As the team continues to morph before our eyes, a 3-1 win is a welcome sight.  The problem is the win, and the transfers that are going to overshadow it, mask a few issues.

Allegri opted for Robinho, and while fans clamored immediately, he rewarded the start almost instantly.  It pains to me see Robinho score considering the volume of misses he has had over the past two seasons!  Either way a welcome goal and got Milan started on the right foot.  Moments later he could have made it two but he was already back to his old oddly misfiring self.  It was Mexes who tallied the second in the 30th minute and oddly when you get a CB who fancies himself a striker, you end up with issues at the back.

This match did nothing to build the confidence of the back line or defensive side of the ball as Cagliari had chances.  The back line was minus DeSciglio, who oddly even at his age, provides a calming presence.  Cagliari had their chances and while Montolivo and DeJong struggled to connect in the simplest of fashion, Milan used the flanks to their advantage for the third.

At 3-1 Allegri gave new man Matri a chance, but failed to make an impact.  In fact it was Cagliari that took advantage giving Abbiati a chance for a late match save.  Balotelli was the dominant force and while many say we played through him, in turn live and die by his efforts. I think today showed glimpses of a complete team that still needs help in the defense and balance departments.  Maybe Astori on the bench gave him time to talk to Fester...