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AC Milan Transfer News: Kaka Returns to Milan

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For Better or Worse it's a Done Deal. Does he rekindle the past or make us wish he heads to LA in March?

Gary Prior

I know I have a game to recap and I will take care of that shortly, but rarely does a transfer overshadow a result. This is one of them...

I am not the sentimental type, when I ended relationships historically, I deleted phone numbers and cleansed my belongings. It is therapeutic. It also prevents stupid drunk texting and attempting to rekindle the magic. The problem with AC Milan and Kaka is this "cleanse" never happened, instead they remained star crossed and here we are today, a few years a later, a few million lost and everyone expecting the same flame. Not happening.

Yes it was a good piece of business on Fester's part, transfer wise and wage wise. But a for a team attempting to rebuild this is a foolish move. Not that bad in the grand scheme things and not anything to burn Milanello down, start a mutiny or feel duped by. The problem I have is one of tactics. I read post after post and tweet after tweet about how Kaka is the CAM need. It would be like saying Poli is the CB we need, when the guy has never once been a CB!? Kaka at his best is a support striker. When deployed as a CAM he needed a worker alongside to do the short passing and dirty work so Kaka do the other portion of the job. Carletto sacrificied a striker to have two players be the CAM this team needed even ten odd years ago. It is clear Milan wouldn't know a CAM, or more specifically, Fester wouldn't know a CAM if his life depended on it. Now we have guy that returns us to the 4-3-3, and if and when he is deployed at CAM, the team will be exposed.

So there you have it, our biggest move of the transfer window is sentimental and emotion not ruthless and tactical. Welcome to AC Milan!