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Champions League Recap: Milan 2 Celtic 0

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Ever read the comments from before the match, after it finished!?

Marco Luzzani

Some pregame comments from our view own blog!

"horrible , horrible line up"

"Yikes! Time to starting praying."

Some post game comments from the managers:

Neil Lennon, Celtic manager
We dominated for long periods. I said to the players that when you're on top, you need to take your chances. I thought we were brilliant. Sometimes in football you don't get what you deserve. I couldn’t see Milan scoring in the second half. It's funny you say that you have come away to San Siro and end up disappointed that you've been beaten.

I'm very disappointed because we played well for a long time in the match and we were the better team. We didn't want to leave without three points. We were confident and had a lot of chances, so there is regret. We have done enough in terms of performance, of course, and our goalkeeper wasn't very busy during the second half.

I'm proud of my team. We were confident and had a good mindset. We have to face Barcelona, it will not be easy, but we want to compete with all these teams.

Max Allegri

The boys have big hearts and strong will, because games like this are open until the end. We must improve the way we control the game and try to read the situation better. We had several new players tonight in the starting XI and this made things more difficult, but the players coming off the bench made great contributions.

Truth be told it wasn't our best eleven, or our first eleven, or whatever you want to say about it.  Early in the week I said this, "Sure this sounds dire and a bit dramatic, but until this collection of players proves they can be a Team every result and every point will be a bit lucky and a bit hard fought."  Looks like it came true!  The self loathing fan will now lament at how awful this performance was, and how Celtic dominated us in every facet.  The stats tell a different story, Milan led possesion and put more shots on target and when you look at the scoreline, well 2-0 ain't bad!

Full recap shortly, need to catch up on the DVR!