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Milan Transfer News and Musings

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This week, we pick on a tweet, the names have been changed to protect the "innocent." But the quote remains the same!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Raiola: "The truth is that Allegri did not address Niang among the 25. This is an objective fact." See, even when you're nice to ?

Somebody tweeted, this but the mere retweet and support of such a statement is what is wrong with modern transfer gossip and witch hunts. Raiola, for better or worse, is a fat slob of an agent. Milan's dealings with him seemed hot and heavy for a while, but even Fester and Berlu tired off his nonsense and now he throws darts from his chair made of gold!? I get this is his client, but to say something like this after Milan released an official statement, last week's WTF Friday, owning up to the mistake, it just stinks of pestilent stupidity. If Max or any Coach for that matter decided to leave a player off the roster I would hope, and imagine, they talked about it like men, not this BS.

Milan made a mistake, an embarrassing, laughable mistake. It's over now, and I am tired of reading about people's opinions, portrayed as "objective fact", and then getting them retweeted by "fans." The mere fact that Mimo decided to call this "objective fact" puts him in the same boat with the nonsense you read outside elsewhere.

What is your WTF Friday?

Just a note, WTF Friday is meant to be my personal soapbox.  If I said something that caused you to have a WTF?! moment, tell me!  If you are responsible for the WTF moment and you want to say your piece please do, we are all waiting.  It helps to have some accountability every now and then.