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Serie A Preview: Torino v Milan

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and it has nothing to do with white track pants after Labor day!?

Marco Luzzani

It pains me when I look at this roster's lack of depth in defense! We poked at it on Monday, but now as I stare at it again, I wonder why on Earth Max didn't up and quit!? More strikers than true defenders on the roster, and we are supposed to be a Championship caliber, one to be taken seriously by opponents in Serie A and the CL!? What is this fantasy football?

So while we are stuck enduring more injuries you have to wonder what on Earth this team is going to at fullback. The intent I imagine is to start Constant/Urby and Zaccardo, but in the odd chance something happens to Zaccardo then what!? Poli at RB...I have seen stranger things, but this may be a necessity. As if this wasn't enough, we will have the added sideshow of the return of Ricky Kaka! Will he, won't he score, does Max start him? Where and how does he play? The questions are endless and at this point, throw him at RB!? Geez, at least if Milan bought Gareth Bale he could potentially play fullback!

Simply out this game is going to be a bit of a circus, and the problems at fullback aren't going to do much to support the new "chemistry" that Milan needs to build up front. Don't be surprised if some sloppy passing early turns into some blistering counters the likes of Cerci, Immobile, and El Kaddouri. Torino is not the most polished team but a dangerous scrappy who often plays with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Those are teams to be feared as they can be toppled as easily as they can slay you.

So what does Max do, stick with the 4-3-3...

Abbiati; Zaccardo, Zapata, Mexes; Constant; Poli, DeJong, Monty; Kaka, Balo, SES

This one is going to be interesting!