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Wednesday Milan Musings

Slow news week...

Stuart Franklin

This week's news is slower than usual, but news no less. Add yours to the bottom!

- Urby Emanuelson clearly didn't watch his performance against Chelsea. I say this because he thinks he should be used as a LB for the rest of the season. Apart from being responsible for the first goal against Chelsea, his lack of physical presence and tactical awareness is alarming. At least Taiwo had a physical presence! Urby, let me put this plainly if Max picks Bonera to play LB in dire injury scenarios, you have no chance. If anyone still agrees with Urby, my comment from Monday stands.

- Niang does not want to get loaned out. Understandable, he made tremendous progress last year, but nerves seem to overwhelm him in front of goal. He works hard, he has a good touch, but he lacks polish and confidence. Frankly I don't think Milan is the place to get that as the season gets pressure packed and tricky. Thoughts? I think he can stay and make a progress, but he won't get that environment that will allow him to play without tremendous pressure.

-Amelia is close to Monaco. This is a bad move, period. Abbiati tends to suffer injury at least once a season, and Amelia has played 5-7 games a season. So sending him out, and giving the reins to Gabriel for those games will be a disaster. Young GKs come with a lot of growing pains, and his skill set, or lack thereof was alarming. I watched him closely at the Olympics last year and was not at all impressed and nothing I have seen since has changed that. Poor footwork, poor reads, and poor distribution. You can't improve what does not exist.

-Seems like management is willing to wait for Honda, not sure the fans are. With that expectations need to be addressed.

-Milan for some unknown reason continue to track Llajic, this is a waste. Anything but a CB or CAM is entirely not needed.

-Boateng continues to have no buyers, so the question because can you sell something nobody wants? Have we ever seen a player fall from grace so quickly, a cracking first season followed by complacency and failure to progress? He believes his own hype, and forgets to play football the right way, by working hard, pressing, and doing the simple things. Oh wait, there was somebody else, and he is playing football in Brazil now...Boateng will not go they way of the Dodo, instead the way of the Duck.