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Milan Transfer News

A Day late and a few Milan short!?

Roberto Serra

In this case maybe a few million short, but not a day late at all as his brace was the best parting gift he could have ever given us.  Boateng's Milan career was an absolute yo-yo.  In his first season a "Grand Champion" to borrow a phrase, but that was more a product of space created by Zlatan, and Boateng's sheer willingness to work his tail off end to end for 90 minutes.  His Capo Lavoro, a three goal outburst against Lecce, it was glorious but like all good footballers as he became to believe his own hype he was done for.

The #10 shirt, the proverbial crown, was quite heavy on his head, and the Prince didn't become a King, just Boateng as he overcomplicated his play and no longer looked willing to do the work that made him special.  His ruthless simplicity replaced by maddening attempts at goal and passes he had no business conjuring.  His value sank with his work rate and while 12M seems a little low, we can all move on before it got worse.

Thanks for the memories KPB, from Prince to Pauper we had some good times.