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WTF Friday!

Lets just cut right to the chase, im a self proclaimed Berlusconi Guy. For me Papa Berlu gets to do what he wants as i owe him so much for all the joy Milan have given me and a level of success that fans of other teams have never been able to taste while we have gorged over the years, hence i turn an admitted blind eye to his shenanigans over the years.

I also give our new signings the benefit of the doubt if they have joined from a rival team or were previously playing a little lacklustre or considered plain useless. I've also never been one to say that so and so player is not of Milan "quality" as i find this a trite argument but the Matri signing has rightly got everyone scratching their heads.

The Matri rumours started a while back and it was initially reported that Juve had knocked back our offer as it looked like we were going to try and lowball Juve, i was happy with that, i thought well at least we were too cheap to give Juve the money they wanted for someone who didn't really ........light my dynamite.

Fast forward a few weeks and rumours gathered pace to a point where even the Ultras hung up the banner above with the exact same sentiment: NO THANKS! Then late last night it was confirmed.......Official: Matri joins Milan ...........FACEPALM!

So, he's here. It's still early but it appears that his arrival has cost Petagna a place in the squad and the kid will be going to Sampdoria on loan. You have to say, Matri is off to bad start. No one wanted him and then when he does get here he squeezes out a kid that im sure some wanted to see getting bloodied over the coming season.

So what's the crack? Have we missed something? Do the Management & coach know something we dont? Tbh, even im struggling to see any of this in a positive light but lets give this a go.

Matri good points:

  • Allegri knows him (so assume he can get the best out of him)
  • He hit double digits in terms of goal tally the last two seasons at Juve.
  • He is another badly needed CF (we only have Balo at this point leading the line with Pazzo out and Petagna going).
  • He doesnt appear to mind being rotated (im sure he will be sitting out for Balo alot)

Matri bad points:

  • 10 goals in each of the last two seasons from roughly 30+ games isnt exactly earth shattering
  • Lol, we're paying Juve how much??
  • Every single person reading this sentence can think of at least one player that we could have bought instead of Matri
  • Erm, we all know we need a CB yeah?
  • What happens once Pazzo is back? ( 1 Pazzo = 234,184 Matri's!)

All in, we are pretty united in our condemnation of this signing (maybe its a ploy by the management to unite the Milan Fandom?) and think we are right to be concerned as the logic for the purchase seems haphazard at best and down right counter to the "youth is the future" and "we are financially prudent" mumbo jumbo at worst. All we can do is pray that Matri proves us wrong in the long run.