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AC Milan Transfer News and Updates

Avia and I got to thinking, sometimes Milan does something that just makes us say WTF!?

Claudio Villa

Avia and I got to talking this morning about a weekly or more regular pack entitled WTF Friday where we hit a rumor, a quote or tweet and ask quite literally What the F*CK?? Feel free to add your own below!

Our first WTF at the AC Milan Offside...

The transfer of Alessandro Matri is wrong on so many levels...

  • We can't play more than three strikers, but somehow we have seven!?? We were going to switch to two so why have seven!?
  • Max said no striker needed, Petagna was OK, and now this? Petagana seems on his way to Samp on a transfer. Maybe Petegna should have gone tanning, gained a lot of wait and we could have passed him off as fat Ronaldo on weight watchers to Berlu!?
  • What happens to Niang? Does Binho get sold?
  • The $$ in this deal are perplexing as well, I mean really?
  • He looks like a girl in that photo!?
  • Finally, I get fans said a lot of this stuff in the Pazzo/cASSano swap, and Milan got the last laugh. Rarely does lightning strike twice.