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Milan 3 PSV 0

This is Milan, not the Sh!t from the weekend.

Claudio Villa

This morning I had to listen to the "esteemed" La Liga Love Ray Hudson state rather plainly that PSV played the prettier football, better build up, and better passing.  He waxed lyrical about how close PSV were and deserved to go through, but at the end of the day it was Milan who was victorious.  It was Milan who were ruthless and efficient, it was Milan who more organized and better prepared.  It is Milan that is going to the Champions League and more importantly the knockout monkey is GONE.  So for those who lust after the pretty football of PSV, go root for them in the CL, I will gladly take this MILAN!

You often endure the lows of the weekend, for the highs of yesterday as a football support. Nothing is ever that bad and in reality nothing is ever that amazing either, you temper everything over time.  Saturday was a terrible loss, and this was a great win, but in a month's time both will be afterthoughts as we are onto the next match.  Prior to kick off yesterday you got the same sky is falling, why is Muntari starting, why is Milan playing this way and so on and then you get a result like this and you smile.  Max smiled...with venom...

“For a couple of years this has been going on, so maybe I’ll resign tomorrow morning. I’ll think it over tonight…

“I am a little annoyed tonight, as I read things that have been written and believe people need to be more objective. There is pontificating from the outside. There should be respect for other people’s work, but I enjoy this, as I am pig-headed.

“I am satisfied with the performance, but very angry tonight. I am very angry, fortunately occasionally we win a game and the lads allow me to have some fun too.

“They are trying to make me angry from the outside, it doesn’t work. From the inside there is a good rapport with the general manager, the players and the club.

“Still some like to write rubbish, so when I read this pontificating about what they’d do – fine, come and take my place on the bench and see if you can get the results I have.

“I say this because every now and then you have to put up some barriers. I hope when my career ends, maybe at the age of 60 if I get there, I will go to Livorno, stay by the sea, go fishing, eat good food, drink good wine. I might watch a few games here and there, but not go around pontificating on what other people are doing.

“I am very happy with what the lads did, as they gave a great night to me, the fans and the President. I also thank the supporters, who stood by us during difficult moments. I don’t want to say anything else about the game. It’s the result that counts.”

The back line was first choice, the midfield was set out to be steely and first time in two seasons Boateng looked primed.  Not sure what got into him, but this Milan executed, played with heart and seemed for once to play for each other.  Another big part of the play was Balotelli holding the ball, and while the PSV CBs are simply abysmal compared to even relegation CBs in Serie A, he was able to get the ball at his feet keep possession and kick start Milan attacks the way Zlatan did a few seasons ago.  That is what Milan needs, that is how Milan can sustain this formation, that is the tactical measure and tempo that is required.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a high, we will plateau again, but more importantly this is a catalyst and a reminder that everything is not lost.  Now we will get some closure on the transfer market with a bit more cash to play with but for now enjoy this we can talk transfers tomorrow!