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Milan's Ongoing Transfer Woes

Sometimes you just have to stop and ask the burning question...

Claudio Villa

This game has left me with two odd uneasy feelings.  The first happens occasionally to supporters of a Club, a loss is a loss, they are part of fandom.  The problem is some loses resonate a bit deeper to the core.  This was one of them.  To think something like 30-40% of goals in Serie A are scored on set pieces and the inability of our CBs to recognize, mark and execute has been on display for an entire season.  A 36 year old Luca Toni looks like it is 2006, while a Milan want-away Albertazzi shows our strikers how to defend.  What happens, Bobo Vieri joins Sassuolo to score 3 against Mexes.  How much longer do I have to watch Mexes pull his hair back prior to a set piece as those he is pulling the plug on the brain wave cord??  This lost stings, and it will for a while.

The second thing, is that feeling we get as kids.  I can't help but remember at 6 or 7 wanting the Red and Black BMX Bicycle more than anything on Earth.  Birthday's, Christmas, Easter...even negotiating to combine all Holidays to just give me the bike.  My parents were not bad gift givers, not by any means, rather excellent in fact, but all I wanted was that bicycle, not the clothes, the toys and so on.  It happens to all of us, how many 16 year olds go to bed dreaming of a car they won't get it for whatever reason.  Now look at Max Allegri, he wants Astori, he worked with the guy, he trusts him.  What does the press say, Milan to bid for Sakho.  He says we need a CB, what does the press do, link us again to Ljacic.  Allegri has not asked for the World in his time at Milan and has not been given a SINGLE wish.  Hamsik, Asamoah, Astori, and what does he get, here is another striker.  At some point as a Child you give up, you grow out of it, but this is a football, MY FOOTBALL TEAM and the management seems to think they are doing us a service when in reality they are doing nothing of the sort.

GIVE THE MAN WHAT HE WANTS, if not just fire him now and save us all the grief.  The problem is nobody will want to take a job in which the tools they request are not granted.  What Chef join a five star restaurant to learn he will not be given his ingredients, no musician goes to a studio that doesn't have his style of instrument...why is this different.Sorry for what appears to be a pestilent rant, but I needed to get that off my chest, and what good is a blog if I can't rant a little now and then.